GE/Spectrum support the entire cycle of grant-making, but it also supports these cycles for all of the following types of grant activities: donor advised grants, competitive grants, scholarships, designated grants and project grants.


System Features/Functions

Key Spectrum features and functions include the following;

  • Online application submission, review and scoring via GE/Spectrum Web Portal

  • Email notifications

  • Can optionally track and report outcomes

  • Has full function Application Program Interface (API) to allow for additional 3rd party systems integration

  • GE/Spectrum Web Portal provides online application support for both competitive and scholarship applications

  • End to end support for all aspects of grant making and grant management

  • Highly configurable to support your specific business process and procedures

  • Extends to mobile platforms

  • Ability to create customized queries and reports specific to your organizationÙs needs

  • Ability to create user defined data fields for data capture and reporting

  • Optionally can be integrated with Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge (CRM), Financial Edge (Accounting/Payments) if required

  • Depending on openness of access, can be interfaced to third-party financial applications like QuickBooks ™


GE/Spectrum is a comprehensive system that handles the entire grants management process from initial inquiries to application submission, to internal due diligence and review, to committee review and scoring, to board review, to grant award and finally to analysis and reporting on your funding activities. It covers the entire spectrum and life-cycle of the grant. Not only does GE/Spectrum support the entire cycle of grant-making, but it also supports these cycles for all of the following types of grant activities: donor advised grants, competitive grants, scholarships, designated grants and project grants.



Portals for Grant-seekers, Grantees and Review Committees

  • Easily create and publish single or multi-stage grant applications

  • Drag and drop functionality to set up new grant and scholarship applications

  • Manage multiple grant programs

  • Easily create and manage scholarship applications

  • Embed grant applications forms on your existing website

  • Enable the attachment of supporting documents

  • Applicants can save their work and continue later

  • Reduce the administrative burden on your applicants by pre-populating fields

All data entered by the applicants as they create and submit their online application flows seamlessly into the back office to initiate the internal review processes.

No export/import of data required!

Once a completed application is submitted by the applicant, foundation staff can begin their review and due diligence including:

  • Email capabilities for correspondence with the applicant

  • Verification of nonprofit status and standing

  • Ability to assign tasks and track the completion of those tasks

  • Fund balance / spendable checking for one or multiple funds

  • Allocation of funding recommendations

  • Ability to add notes

  • Ability to review past aspects of an applicant’s relationship with your foundation

  • Capture and track information about the applicants programs, executive management as well as contact information

  • Create and manage review committees

Review committees are often spread across diverse geographies and Spectrum supports online committee portals. Each committee member has a login to their work  space to read and score applications assigned to them. The committee member can make notes, ask questions and generally discuss a particular proposal with other members or staff.

Application Review Committees have:

  • Online access to the applications assigned to them

  • The ability to print the application if desired

  • The ability to score an application by question or by section

  • The ability to assign an overall score to an application

  • Scores can be either numeric or text, with standard and effective weightings

  • The ability to save their work and come back later


GE/Spectrum allows you to configure the steps and tasks to manage your foundation’s processes. The system is extremely flexible and designed to support steps in the order that works for you. These steps can be changed by you should your processes change, expand or shrink. The workflow process is entirely configurable and allows for multiple workflow templates depending on a particular grant or application process.

  • Assign tasks to users to establish clear lines of ownership

  • Assign deadlines to ensure a timely response to every proposal

  • Create as many different workflows as required to support your programs

  • Configure workflows based on grant or application type

  • Establish and track prerequisites

  • Categorize task types – Review tasks, Create Grant tasks, Due Diligence tasks

  • Specify user defined potential outcomes associated with a task

  • Attach notes to each task in the workflow for a complete audit trail


GE/Spectrum supports templates for both email and hard copy correspondence. Letters and emails can be queued and tailored with individual details about a specific grant or application. Invitation and confirmation templates can provide a more personalized experience for the applicant. Any correspondence generated is then saved and stored on the specific application or grant record thus enabling you to have a complete record of correspondence at your fingertips.

  • Create correspondence templates for letters and emails

  • Configure messages for applications submitted via the Web

  • Link correspondence to the grant or proposal record

  • Single letters/emails

  • Mass mailing to a group

  • Merge GE/Spectrum fields into Word documents

Grant Payments

Spectrum offers robust capabilities for payment scheduling and tracking. Grant payments can be made from single or multiple funds and also spread across a payment schedule. Payment contingencies can be attached to payments, and once all of the foundation requirements are satisfied regarding the payment(s) the grant payments can be exported to a financial system and then imported for payment. Once the checks have been printed from the financial system, the specific information about the payment, i.e. Check number and check date, will then be retrieved via import and placed into the payment record in Spectrum automatically. ** GE/Spectrum can already utilize the Blackbaud API for direct connection to Financial Edge, and it is possible others could be as well depending on their interface and openness for access.

  • Schedule payment amounts and dates

  • Link contingencies to payments

  • Tie payments to single or multiple funds

  • Check and allocate program and fund

  • Process as payments from a batch

  • Create an export file for import into Financial System for payment

  • Retrieve payment information back into Spectrum via import

User Defined Data Fields - Profiles and Pages

GE/Spectrum offers you the ability to create customized fields for data entry and reporting. Many times foundations are faced with the need to gather specific information but not really having a place to put that information in the grant-making system. Spectrum resolves this problem with Profiles and pages. This feature allows you to create fields of the following types: Boolean, Dropdown List, Short Text, Long Text, Date, Numeric and Yes/No. Also, you can create pages of the additional fields which allow you to categorize and then display the fields within each of the particular pages.

  • Create additional data fields

  • Create additional data pages

  • Report / Query on the Profile fields


GE/Spectrum offers comprehensive functionality for tracking and categorizing descriptive characteristics for applicants, grantees, funds, and donors. These characteristics can be used in reporting, querying and analyzing data to help you fine tune the match between your funding areas and your overall mission. With Spectrum, as long as you have tracked the information in the first place, you will be able to report on it within a few clicks.

  • Over 80 configurable, parameter driven reports

  • Robust querying tool for creating your own reports can also query from Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge databases

  • Publish reports to other users or the Web

  • 990 reporting

  • Report designer

  • Add custom reports to the reports menu


The robust feature set of GE/Spectrum ensures that you can configure the system to support your foundation’s business and data management requirements. If those requirements change over time, it is simply a matter of changing the configuration. No need to enlist professional services every time a process  or data tracking requirement changes.

GE/Spectrum enables you to set roles and permissions around records and data. One of the most robust features of Spectrum is the ability to set up unlimited descriptive characteristics for applicants, grants, competitive grants, scholarship grants, and funds. Using these characteristics to consistently describe your funding or program areas, fields of interest, population groups, age groups, other demographics and geographic areas served will greatly enhance your ability to report on your activities from a variety of perspectives.

  • Manage characteristics codes tables

  • Manage security and permissions

  • Import and export data

  • Configure workflows

  • Configure application stages and cycles

  • Manage correspondence templates

  • Manage data import

  • Delete, global change

  • Manage custom profile fields




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