Applications & Scholarship Tips

Fall is when many foundations are getting applications ready for their grant cycles in the New Year. Some applications can be complicated and Fusion would like to offer these tips and reminders:

  • Plan, plan, plan. This will save time and frustration if you mock up your application before you start creating it in Spectrum/GE.

  • Don’t re-invent the wheel! If you have similar pages that you use all the time, such as budgets, or organization information. You can copy these pages. If there are fields you don’t want to use, you can deactivate them. REMEMBER to save your copied pages under different names!

  • It is always safer to COPY an application or page, rather than reusing. Reusing and then changing fields or pages will cause:

    • Saved applications from the previous year to be changed and users will see changes in their application from previous year(s).

    • Average review scores will include previous year(s).

    • You will not be able to use multiple round scoring.

    • You will need to unlock the application before accepting new ones and relock it to do reviews again.

  • If your applications have a start and end dates then they should be marked as cyclical.  Open ended applications are applications that are always open.

  • When creating pages, most pages will be “standard” , however here are some other different types of pages that you can use for applications and scholarships:

    • Preliminary pages are used only in multi-stage applications that typically contain a letter of intent (LOI)

    • Addendum pages are used when fund matching is used and one or more scholarship funds required additional information not gathered in the body of the application.

    • Supplemental pages are used after the award has been made and follow up information is needed. This is only accessed through workflow items.

    • Reference pages are used to gather information on an applicant from an outside source. These pages are only available to recommenders and reviewers.


Denise Gonzales is Senior Consultant in the Nonprofit Division – Support and Implementation.


Her duties at Fusion Labs are assisting with new clients with the use of GrantedGE/Spectrum and support existing clients with their systems.

She has twenty-two years of experience working with nonprofits and over twelve of those working in philanthropy. She previously worked as Program Director at Con Alma Health Foundation in Santa Fe, NM and Director of Community Philanthropy at the New Mexico Community Foundation. She also has worked for one of the top web designers and social media marketing firms in New Mexico.


Denise has a wealth of experience in the areas of grant making, scholarship management, fostering new nonprofits and also was the lead for five community foundations in New Mexico to successfully hold the state of New Mexico's first giving day in 2014 which had over 400 nonprofits participate. She lives in New Mexico with her daughter and two dogs, Bruiser and Honey. 


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