What is GE Spectrum?


GE Spectrum is a comprehensive system that handles the entire grants management
The solution covers the entire spectrum of the
grant making cycle.


How does GE Spectrum work for different grant making cycles?


GE Spectrum supports the grantmaking cycles of the following types of grant activities:

  • Standard grants  

  • Grant communities

  • Competitive grants

  • Donor-advised grants

  • Scholarships

  • Quick scholarships

What other features does GE Spectrum provide?


Workflow: GE Spectrum allows the user to configure the steps and tasks to manage a foundation’s processes.


Correspondence: GE Spectrum supports templates for both e-mail and hard copy correspondence.


Grant Payments: GE Spectrum offers robust capabilities for payment scheduling and tracking.


Reporting: GE Spectrum offers comprehensive functionality for tracking and categorizing descriptive characteristics for applicants, grantees, funds, and even donors.


Administration: The robust feature set of GE Spectrum ensures a user can configure the system to support a foundation’s business and data management requirements.


Why is GE Spectrum important?


GE Spectrum provides a greater quality of grants management that can be integrated with a client’s existing financial system.


What is the cost of GE Spectrum?


For information regarding pricing along with any other questions pertaining to the solution, please contact Lisa Nally, VP of Client Solutions of the Nonprofit Division of Fusion Labs, Inc., at bdyson@fusionlabs.net.


Who is behind GE Spectrum?


GE Spectrum was developed by the Nonprofit Division of Fusion Labs, Inc. Fusion Labs Nonprofit Solutions is focused on the creation and implementation of software for the nonprofit industry. The Nonprofit Division partners with nonprofit organizations to provide point solutions, reports, customizations, consulting services, and hosting.


How is GE Spectrum managed?


GE Spectrum can be managed two different ways. The solution can either be hosted in the cloud by Fusion Labs, Inc., or it can be installed locally and managed by the organization.



Spectrum Grant Management


Grant administration can often mean piles of paper, cutting and pasting from one document to another, tedious re-keying of data from applications to your internal systems, multiple crammed filing cabinets, postage and shipping of boxes to geographically dispersed review committees, distribution of application packets to board members, hours at the copying machine… a lot of work and quite distracting from your overall mission!


It’s very easy to be consumed by the administrative aspects of grant making. GE Spectrum is a point solution which provides minimizing work load while maximizing work efficiency.



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