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IT Emgerency Plan

September 04, 2019

How to protect your data in case of an emergency such as a hurricane, tornado, etc.

Eon Washington joins Fusion Labs as Sr. Vice President of Business Development

November 16, 2018

Having worked with over five hundred organizations, Eon presents a vast portfolio of experience within the Non Profit field. As a Financial Systems Consultant, Eon implemented Financial Edge and its related products. Eon also provides best practices and uses for Financial Edge, Raiser’s Edge, and general accounting practices.


Eon has extensive consulting experience with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. As a Financial Systems Consultant, Eon gained expertise in best practices and business process for wide spectrum of organizations.  He has also implemented Financial/Marketing software suites for both government clients as well as Multi-chapter nonprofit organizations.


With over 15 years of business experience, Eon brings a myriad of experiential knowledge, coupled with his expertise in Blackbaud’s Accounting and Fundraising products.

Charity Evaluator

April 23, 2018

Fusion Labs is excited to release their latest tool, The Charity Evaluator, a feature that can be integrated into GrantedGE that allows users to immediately determine a nonprofit’s status with the IRS without having to navigate to an external website.  This GE integrated tool auto-populates the nonprofit’s organization record with key information related to its status with the IRS.  Foundations can verify organizations eligible to receive grants, classifications, NTEE codes, ruling date and other important information for Grantmakers. In addition, the

Charity Evaluator allows for configuration of the data users want to display on the GE organization record from the IRS database. This lookup happens on demand with a click of a mouse and is also part of the GE nightly data sync. *

The best part of the solution - no longer will users have to do external lookups for a nonprofit’s IRS status or pay for multiple annual subscriptions.

Find out more about this time-saving tool by scheduling a demonstration
by contacting Lisa Nally at


*(product not intended for Blackbaud Hosted GrantedGE clients)

GE NXT The Future of Grant Management Has Arrived

November 07, 2016

Fusion Labs announces the next generation of Grant Making Software


“Comprehensive Cloud-Based Grants Management solution.”


Dallas, T.X. – Fusion Laboratories, Inc., today announced the release of GeN>XT,the most comprehensive cloud-based grants management solution ever developed for giving organizations. GeN>XT combines the convenience and economics of the cloud, coupled with full, end to end integration with several leading NonProfit industry platforms.


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