Endowment Management


Designed for Higher Ed, Healthcare, Foundations, and Federations


Want to manage and track your endowments more efficiently?

Wish you could produce timely and trustworthy stewardship reports for your donors?

Are stakeholders asking for Online access to reports and information?


Managing endowments can be an extremely difficult task, and many institutions rely on spreadsheets or disparate systems to allocate endowments and track critical financial balances/activity at the endowment level.  Fusion Labs’ comprehensive Endowment Management solution can ensure timely and accurate endowment calculations and reporting which demonstrate the highest level of accountability


When combined with Spectrum Web from Fusion Labs, internal/external stakeholders can access critical endowment information and reports Online.   Users can also make grant recommendations Online.

Endowment Management helps you efficiently manage your endowments by:

  • Maintain complete accounting and track the financial performance of endowed funds

  • Choose to manage endowments through unitization or proportional average daily balance.

  • Access an endowment record to view the purpose of an endowment, assigned manager, investment pool(s), key contacts, attachments, notes, activity, and history

  • Allocate investment income, fees, and spend policy while supporting exceptions

  • Rebalance endowments against investment targets or cash

  • Create stewardship reports and identifies trends and patterns

  • Reduce the risks associated with accounting for endowments

  • Rapidly respond to requests and provide Online access


Integrates with Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge, CRM, and Financial Edge

To learn more about how we can help you better manage your endowments, contact us. 

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